Writing the statutes for a school students Committee: Intro

This year I joined my school’s Pupil’s Committee. It was a really great and rich experience both in acquiring knowledge, meeting new people and buildings friendships!

At the end of the year, the committee establishes a group of people, the “Electoral Board”, who will form a new Pupil’s Committee the next school year. As a member of this year’s Electoral Board, I volunteered to write new statutes for the Pupil’s Committee. Creating clear rules and procedures helps much in keeping the committee organized and reduces confusion when working.

In these series of posts that will follow, I will describe how I wrote the statuses for the Pupil’s Committee from scratch. I’m not a professional columnist, but I hope at least I can give you some hints and maybe help you in your own work, writing statuses for your own student committee, association, or any other project you might have.

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