This app aims to help schools display daily teacher absences to all students of their school. They can also display news and make announcements, it’s a “teachers absences management system”.
iTeachr is the web version of an app I’ve created in Visual Basic to help my school show the daily absent teachers and news. The first version had some bugs and was not compatible with all devices. So I decides to turn it into a web app.
iTeachr web app is written in Php, MySql, Html and some Css (I used Twitter Bootstrap and Bootwatch Cosmo Theme).
It’s very simple to use and have a very minimal design. When you enter as an administrator you are immediately redirected to the “Today’s absent teachers” page. From there you can edit all daily teachers absences. To add a teacher just enter his email to the “Teacher Email” text box, select the periods when he is replaced and, if you want, add some comments about this absence (in what class he will be replace, for example). When you’re done, click “Add Teacher” and that’s it, the info will be updated in seconds in all screens! Cool!
I also designed a MySql Database to handle all information, you can see the schema below:
iTeachr Database Schema
I’m actually hosting this app, so if you want to see it live click “Demo”.
To enter the app use “admin@admin” as email and “1234” as password to enter as administrator or “view@view” as email and “1234” as password to enter the viewer profile (the viewer profile is used to display the daily teacher absences to large screens).
* When the viewer screen load, the absent teachers list takes some seconds to appear.
** All the names, school names, logos used for the demo are fake.
Check out the project on Github:
Here are some screenshots of the web app and the Visual Basic app: